ISK Planner Sdn Bhd (ISK) was established in June 2014 and holds Financial Adviser (FA) License issued by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in 2015, in accordance with the Financial Services Act 2013 (FSA) and the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 (IFSA). As a professional FA firm, we specialize in delivering risk management advisory, customized insurance solutions and estate planning services. Our primary focus is on designing and providing tailored risk management and insurance solutions that align with the unique business and commercial needs of our clients.


Our client base encompasses a diverse range of industries, catering to both small businesses and large companies engaged in various sectors, including:

  • - Property sector, encompassing property development, building construction, and civil engineering.
  • - Oil and Gas Industry, addressing the specific risk management requirements of this sector.
  • - Engineering, providing comprehensive insurance solutions for engineering firms.
  • - Education, catering to the insurance needs of educational institutions.
  • - Shipping, Shipbuilding & Forwarding, offering specialized insurance coverage for maritime operations.
  • - Tourism and Hospitality Industry, delivering risk management solutions tailored for this sector.
  • - Consumer product sector, serving businesses involved in manufacturing and distributing consumer goods.
  • - Aviation, providing comprehensive insurance coverage for aviation-related risks.
  • - Medical Centre & clinics, offering customized insurance solutions for healthcare facilities.
  • - Film Industry, addressing the unique insurance requirements of film production companies.

At isk

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and working closely with our clients to understand their specific risks and challenges. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we strive to provide comprehensive risk management strategies and insurance solutions that effectively protect our clients' assets and support their long-term success.


Our role is to provides expert advice, market knowledge, and support to clients in obtaining appropriate insurance protection. We protect clients' interests, navigate the insurance market, explain insurance options, find the right policy, handle administrative tasks, and advocate for clients during the claims process.


  • Employee’s Benefits
  • Property
  • Engineering
  • Financial Lines


Our vision as an esteemed FA firm is to establish a prominent presence in the industry. We are dedicated to creating groundbreaking and imaginative product designs that captivate the market. Our unwavering commitment extends to delivering exceptional services, characterized by trustworthiness and a high level of professionalism. Above all, we are driven by a genuine desire to assist and uplift those who are in need, providing them with the utmost care and support they deserve.


  • Committed to delivering excellence through good corporate governance, providing our clients with trusted and professional services.
  • To cultivate and nurture skilled professionals equipped with professional certifications and comprehensive knowledge to our team.
  • To generate growth for the stakeholder.


We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity. We do not condone bribery, fraud or corrupt practices.